Our goal is to share our experiences from our unique viewpoint through images while traveling around America.

Our theme is wildness.. in nature, landscape and in all of life. It reminds us of the purity and joy of life, as it could be, should we as a species will it.

Feel free to browse our photos and even buy one if it suits you. Click below for our main photo gallery.


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Red Rock Lakes Nat'l Wildlife Refuge (my volunteer work)

RedRock RV and Camping Park webpage (my work)

Beethovens Ninth Symphony DVD

Wight-Hewerdine Dance Troupe (BYUI) (May 2017)

A DVD of the Petrushka Ballet is available. Here's one minute teaser.

South Fremont High School "Big River" Musical (Nov 2017)

Madison High School Orchestra Concert (May 2017)

Chamber Players of the Redwoods 2015

Mountains and Strings Workshop 2013

Mountains and Strings Workshop 2014

Mountains and Strings Workshop 2015

Mountains and Strings Workshop 2016

Mack's Inn Playhouse 2014