Mountains and Strings Workshop and Concerts 2016

PHOTOGRAPHY and Videography by James "Newt" Perdue of Wild and Scenic



Chamber Recital on afternoon of July 23, 2016. These are the MP3 audio recordings for the ensemble performances in Scovel Center (only):

Download an MP3 file below: (right click and use SAVE AS, or Save File As...)

Mozart Quartet, K. 157 (2nd & 3rd Movements) [Jane Hillman, Sydney Keay, James Ferguson, Payton Warner] click here to download

Mozart Divertimento in D (3rd Movement) [Emma Lacy, Elizabeth Wada, Sarah Ferguson, Tanner Schuster] click here

Haydn, Quartet Op 33 No. 3 (4th Movement) [Jack Hillman, Calef Craney, William Ferguson, Kaleb Maughn] click here

Beethoven, Quartet Op 18 No.4 (2nd Movement) [Savannah Lacy, Perry Eddington, Katrina Riboldi, Jared Coray] click here

Schubert "Death and the Maiden" (2nd Movement) [Nate Phillips, Reed Eddington, Kaden Anderson, Alyssa Manwaring] click here

Grieg Quartet No. 1 G Minor (1st Movement) [Marianne Ferguson, Avery Griffith, Elizabeth Thorup, Thomas Ferguson] click here


Orchestra Concert on evening of July 23, 2016 (conducted by Jack Ashton)

Right-click on the piece name to download the .mp3 music file and use iTunes or Windows Media Player to listen.

  1. Sibelious - Andante Festivo Sheet Music
  2. Handel- Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Sheet Music
  3. Dag Wiren - Serenade for Strings
  4. Shostakovich - Spanish Dance
  5. Tchaikovsky - Serenade for String Orchestra (4th movement) Sheet Music

I am also editing the DVD video of the Mountains & Strings Orchestra concert.

This is too large for YouTube.

If you want one, please send me email and I'll send a PayPal money request for $10 to cover copying and mailing costs .

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