Mountains and Strings Workshop and Concerts 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY and Videography by James "Newt" Perdue of Wild and Scenic

I've completed upload and editing the individual photos I took at the 2015 workshop.

There are over 350 photos. Most are headshots of the students.

Prints can be viewed free or purchased here for a nominal fee.


These are the MP3 audio recordings for the ensemble performances in Scovel Center:

Download an MP3 file below: (right click and use SAVE AS, or Save File As...)

Quartet No. 12 by Mozart (Eddington,Ferguson,Lofgran,Craney) click here to download

Miniature No. 9 "March Militaire" Bridge (Hillman, Thomas, Ferguson) click here

String Trios 1 & 2 de Wailly (Archibald,Croshaw,Grossman) click here

Scherzo for 4 violins, Makris (Seamons, Rigby, Craney, Wada) click here

Quartet Op. 18 #4, Beethoven (Phillips, Astorga, Smith, Manning) click here

Quartet Op. 18 #1, 1st Movement, Beethoven, (Thomas, Ma, Kearl, Kempton) click here

Quartet "Death and the Maiden" 1st Movement, Schubert (Shumway, Ferguson, Felt, Ferguson) click here


I have completed editing the DVD video of the Mountains & Strings Orchestra concert.

It's about 1 hour 20 minutes. This is too large for YouTube. (This doesn't include the younger students that performed

the week before the main concert.)

If you want one, please send me email and I'll send a PayPal money request for $10 to cover copying and

mailing costs .

Send email to me at :

perdue (at sign)