Mountain and Strings Workshop and Concerts 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY by James "Newt" Perdue of Wild and Scenic

Photography at the Mountain and Strings 2013 workshop or music camp can be viewed and optionally purchased by clicking here. There are 243 images. I tried to photograph as many of the students candidly as possible. Forgive me if I missed a student. The photographs were taken throughout the week, including rehearsals and concerts. As way of apology, the lighting conditions for photography were much less than ideal and I didn't use a flash in most cases to avoid disturbing the students. All photos are sharp, but some have noise when blown up due to the low lighting conditions.

The 2013 group photo can be viewed if you click here. There are several versions if you view the entire gallery.

NOTE: These audio files reflect performances by the members of the Mountain and Strings workshop after only 4 days of reading and rehearsing many different pieces for both orchestra, quartets and fiddle music. They aren't perfect but they reflect an amazing ability to work together and learn quickly. Hopefully, these files will be a resource for students to compare future performances and evaluate their progress.


.mp3 files are supplied for your personal use below. Right click on a link to download to your computer.

Eric Grossman Concert

(these pieces must first be approved by Eric before distribution)

Orchestra Concert (conducted by Jack Ashton) Right-click on the piece name to download the .mp3 music file and use iTunes or Windows Media Player to listen.

  1. Sibelious - Andante Festivo Sheet Music
  2. Vivaldi - Violin Concerto in B minor (Sam Shumway and Kelly Frazier first movement solos, Anne Thomas and Rebekah Willey, second movement solos) Sheet Music
  3. Mendelssohn - String Symphony No. 5 in Bb Major  Sheet Music
  4. Vaughn Williams - Lark Ascending with Eric Grossman soloist Sheet Music
  5. Dvorak - Serenade for Strings Sheet Music
  6. Amazing Grace (with Orchestra, piano and siren)

String Quartets (selected)

  1. Mozart Quartet K159, Rondo (Rachel Vance, Steven Lehnhob, Ashely Burt, Katie Wolfley) Sheet Music
  2. Beethoven Quartet Op 18 No. 6 1st Movement (Marianne Ferguson, Madeline Brague, Kaden Anderson, Sophie Lyman) Sheet Music
  3. Mendelssohn Quartet Op 12, 1st Movement (Emily Thomas, Catherine Avenius, Ally Hopson, Thomas Ferguson) Sheet Music
  4. Beethoven Viola Quintet Op 29, 1st Movement (Leah McGown, Maddy Ure, Ryan Anderson, Jane Shumway, Logan Anderson) Sheet Music
  5. Schubert Death & the Maiden 2nd & 3rd Mvts (Sam Shumway, Shelby Carter,Sarah Crofts,Kelly Frazier) Sheet Music
  6. Debussy Quartet in G minor, 1st Movement (Rebekah Willey, KeAndra Harris, Eric Grossman, Anne Thomas) Sheet Music

Fiddle Fun Concert and Faculty Concert

Technical problems prevented these concerts from being digitized correctly. Sorry.